These timeless names are old-fashioned, yet still manage to keep their modern and unique sound. Jessie: Perfect for a dog with a Southern rebellious streak. Gus: The name you choose for a dog that will grow old with you and sit with you on the porch while you watch the fields in your rocking chair. Pet Care Pet Health Pet Behavior & Training Breeds Pet Insurance pet care dog care dog … The Wild West is an icon era in American History. Jojo: A traditional redneck name that could fit a male or female dog. Find the best pet name by browsing our list of old western dog names. The 20 Best Country Dog Names Fit for Man's Best Friend.

This old English name is a contemporary to the Greek name Galenos and has its root in the Greek word ‘galene’ meaning peaceful. Whether you live in the country or you just love rural life, these country dog names are perfect for your new dog. Any of these names would feel at home on a ranch, farm, or even just living in the wilderness.

Fortunately, unlike many other themes dog owners may choose to go with, there are numerous big, wild, and notable outlaw characters from the Old West that provide ample fodder for generating names ideas to match to your rebellious friend.

The Old West name list is populated with hundreds of names from the 1850's through the 1890's.

Barnes Jameson Rhett Annabelle Blanche Hunter Barrick Bourbon Henry Shootout Johnny Henrietta Holly Victoria Buddy Brooks Amos Jeb Grainger Jackson Anna Country and Western Dog Names "Yeehah! They are regularly found on the list of top ten or 20 dog names each year, and you probably know a couple of them (or more) yourself. The American Old West is a tale of exploration and conquest, but also one of determination and survival. Getty Images. When deciding on an old-fashioned dog name, you can consider names that were common for dogs long ago, or names that are old-fashioned in general and that would be fun monikers for your pet. 90+ Southern Dog Names: Darn Good Dixie Doggie Names! A great collection of names." Click the image below for even more great Puppy Names... SHALAKO SHANE SHERIFF SHERMAN SHILOH SLOCUM STETSON SUNDANCE TEX TUCKER VALANCE VAQUERO VASQUEZ VENTURA VIRGIL WACO WESLEY WILD BILL WILEY WRANGLER WYATT YANCY YUMA ZACK ZANE ZEB Lacy: Often used for female farm dogs, like Australian Shepherds or Collies. The dog in the animated series Jonny Quest was called bandit, but we also like the American word for thief for its Old Western implications. So if you’re a fan of western movies, or love the history of western times, or just love the open countryside, here a few cowboy dog name suggestions… Autry: After Gene Autry, the famous movie star cowboy. Whether they originated from a popular movie or TV show, or were just old school ways of calling a dog like you see him (i.e. Spot), these names have stood the test of time and have been popular for decades. Old-fashioned nickname with sweet turn-of-the-last-century charm that's become a favorite among the popular girl... Aggie. A lot of the famous names from the American Old West or Wild West (the second half of the 19th century) are the names of famous or infamous outlaws and the sheriffs who sought them. Before choosing one of these old man and old lady names for dogs, you should take a look at these basic guidelines on choosing names for dogs.. We always recommend picking a name that matches the dog's appearance or personality.Luckily, old-fashioned names can sound both dignified and hilarious for all dog breeds. Just one of the 100s of themed pages on the site. Here is a collection of most popular Country Western dog names for female puppies. Check out these names for country dogs and pets. A collection of Country and Western Dog Names for your country hound - featuring names from all the greatest country stars. List of Old West Names. The faint of heart need not apply. Redneck Dog Names Inspired by Country Living, Western Music, and Hillbilly Folk Lore. Cowboy / Western Names (BOYS) These names all have a rugged, strong, masculine feel.

An old-fashioned dog name can be appealing to anyone and for any breed of dog. Western girl dog name ideas. The spirit of early American cowboys and lawmen, rustlers and outlaws, and farmers and frontierswomen lives on in their rugged, folksy names. Western cowboy baby names are the perfect mix of an American classic and country flair. While the actual period is generally considered as starting earlier, the most thorough available list of names is of Civil War veterans. Whether you're a country fan or not, it is a musical genre that's been around a long time and shows no signs of flagging. Names By Meg Marrs 6 min read June 26, 2019 The American South is a region that defines Americana and tradition, and today it simply brims with delicious foods and fascinating people! Abilene is a rarely used place name, mentioned as such in the New Testament, that combines the cowboy spunk of... Addie. Wild Western Names for Dogs Abilene. By the mid-19th century there was a massive migration of “homesteaders” moving westward along the Oregon Trail. Our collection of Cowboy Dog Names features outlaws, lawmen, gunfighters and cattlemen (and a whole lot more).

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