Includes Top 10. by X or x is the 24th and third-to-last letter in the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet.Its name in English is ex (pronounced / ˈ ɛ k s /), plural exes. xXx-this is usually used by gals..... hope this helps u..stop worrying.. X is a mark, an indicator, an identifier - one leaves their X mark as the signature of an illiterate or incapacitated - indicates where to sign on a form - marks the checkbox, the ballot. Search our online text dictionary for the meaning of those words you are to embarrassed to ask . x: [noun] the 24th letter of the English alphabet. they could mean that she likes you or she just likes you as a friend. origin and meaning of "x" at the end of messages Hi, as a person from the South of Europe (or maybe simply from outside UK) sometimes I struggle to understand British culture. Texting helps in removing the vocal cues of the people because he/she can type the text and attach symbols to express his thoughts. The 24th letter of the alphabet shows up everywhere, from the popular Xbox to standing in for a signature on legal documents. Some Random results. The one who’s gonna give it to ya. No letter in the English language gets around like X. Most emails, every text, descend into a quiet cacophony of mwahs, that gentle smack of lip on tooth. also used as 3 x's (no smoking,no drinking,no sex,) xXx Used in mobile phone text messaging and IM speak to represent a small kiss on the left cheek, a big kiss on the lips and a small kiss on the right cheek. a speech counterpart of orthographic x. a graphic representation of this letter. List of Common Text Message Symbols Meanings. X's mean different things to different people! Most emails, every text, descend into a quiet cacophony of mwahs, that gentle smack of lip on tooth.

It represents a chromosome, signifies the multiplication process, and marks “the spot” on treasure maps. What does Internet Slang, Chat Texting & Subculture X_X stand for? First, there is the issue of capitalisation. There are a few different ways the unique language of text messaging is created. Texting abbreviations (text abbreviations), texting acronyms, SMS language or internet acronyms are the abbreviated language and slang words commonly used with mobile phone text messaging, email and instant messaging (online chat application such as Messenger from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…). Hop on to get the meaning of X_X. 4getn means forgetting More.. believin means believing More.. acceptin means accepting More.. abreviations means abbreviations More.. go2d means go to the More.. Or it’s just an insignificant personal preference – I’ve spent hours of my life pondering one X’s meaning. Let’s explore just a few of the uses of this versatile letter. The Internet Slang, Chat Texting & Subculture Acronym /Abbreviation/Slang X_X means Dead. Meanings of the Letter X, Esoteric and Otherwise. Some text message symbols abbreviate words by leaving out vowels or replacing several letters with a single letter that has the same sound. Read Also: 8 Signs That Tells She’s Extremely Jealous. 1.