The ordained clergy of all other schools of Buddhism are celibate, however, This has been true since the time of the historical Buddha. I find it rather random and wonder why it is so newsworthy. The large majority of Tibetan monks and nuns are celibate, as are all of the monastic orders of Burma, Cambodia, China, Laos, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam. But my experience (and those of many before me) is one of a deepening sense of will, of a greater capacity to live my intentions, of equanimity, of an ability to not color my interactions with my cravings.

Why are priests celibate? By Santiago Cortes-Sjoberg | Print | Article. Celibacy was not always a requirement for ordination. It is a calling, one which for nuns and monks (and religious sisters, religious brothers, and friars) is intimately linked with our community life and mission. For a nun, we vow to be celibate and so we choose to express union and love in other ways, such as through our community life, our relationships, and our ministry (Check out my post Do nuns know how to love? The fact of the matter is that religious celibacy is not really something that can be totally figured out. Celibacy is one of the most widely recognized characteristics of a Roman Catholic priest. for other ways we express love). If you're wondering why someone who wasn't a priest or a nun would choose to opt out of having sex, here are four pretty understandable, non-religious reasons some people choose to be celibate… But though it is well known, celibacy itself is often misunderstood. I feel your article is founded on a very poor argument– ‘why celibacy is perverse.’ Perhaps the tibetan position is perverse.