You have to be patient since you have to wait 2 days before you can get the Sins of the Father quest after completing legacy lost. There are many ways to kill Umbra at level 1. Umbra is back! This set of armor shares the same stats as any other piece of Ebony armor in the game. Evil laugh as you slash at Umbra with your claymore as she swings her sword wildly but still cannot hit you due to its shorter range. The Sword is especially strong at early levels and is nearly as strong as Umbra, until your skill level gets high enough for Umbra to distance itself in power. So I lead Umbra out of the ruins after attacking her and, outside, jumped on to this rock where Umbra couldn't get to me (she just attacks the rock like a maniac). Umbra Vindasel Crash Lvl 2 - posted in Oblivion Technical Support: I was wondering why when I go to kill Umbra at level 2, The game crashes while in the Vindasel catacombs with her. (makes it easier) 1. When you open the door the quest will begin. Umbra’s Ebony Armor. Retrieved June 4, 2020, ... Austin, Ian "Umbra Quest And Other Unique Quests From Oblivion." How To Get: You can find this set by killing a Bosmer named Umbra inside Vindasel. Page 1 of 4 - Umbra the Unfortunate - posted in Oblivion Mod Requests: Can Umbra (the NPC, not the sword) be redeemed? I am surprised that, with all the thousands of mods available, nobody has made one which would enable a player to coax the unfortunate Bosmer out into the world again. The sword is carried by the person and presumably located near her. I would like to finish this without coc-ing to the testing hall and grabbing a sword though. When I first played it was on Xbox 360 and that quest glitched for me. just bring the proper offering (its 500 gold). Does anyone recall the Oblivion Umbra weapon and quest mod that added a very awesome and unique look to a very bland vanilla sword? For The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How do i start the Umbra Quest? Umbra Sword.

... Umbra Quest And Other Unique Quests From Oblivion. The person is located in the Ayleid Ruin Vindasel which is South West of the Imperial City Waterfront across the lake. I cocd to the testing hall got Umbra sword and handed in the Umbra sword to Clavicus to end the quest and there was no crash. There, you have to kill Umbra to get her sword. Normally you return to the shrine and either trade the sword for a masque, or refuse and keep the sword. ". However, I'm a Level 2 so I knew I wasn't gonna be able to do it legitimately. Jump atop broken column with a claymore (also works with hammers and battleaxes) 2. Some other easy approaches include: Difficulty right down. Perhaps bringing her food and presents, or talking to her, could result in her return to Cyrodiil. if you want to get rid of the sword, you need to start and finish Clavicus Vile's quest, one of the daedra quests. As for the related quest, it's a Daedric Quest for Clavicus Vile, the shrine is nearby and you offer $500 to start the quest. Fans of past Morrowind will immediately recognize this powerful enemy and it carries. Cast flare at Umbra 3. his shrine is located west and a little north of where you killed umbra. it also added a quest of sorts to the weapon rather then just kill someone and the legendary sword was yours.

the quest itself should be easy since you already killed her. Umbra Quest And Other Unique Quests From Oblivion But it is leveled up, meaning that the weakest you can get this set … 2) The quest could be slightly refined to feel more a quest from the game, rather than a mod-added quest.