Twisted Metal 4. Sweet Tooth was an escaped mental patient that entered the Twisted Metal Tournament, seeking the return of his best friend, Crazy Harold the Wacky Lunch Sack.
You can only choose one car for this event. With Brad Aldredge, Rick Calvert, Bill Carey, Ryan Drummond. The clown accomplishes this by giving everyone else the same face that Orbital has. Twisted Metal was the king of vehicular combat and there has never been another game like it. For Twisted Metal 2 on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 125 cheat codes and secrets. It's not set on any map in the game, and has multiple sections. He interferes in Sweet Tooth's Twisted Metal in the name of Calypso. The Twisted Metal tournament's boss since the beginning, Calypso, has been overthrown by the maniacal clown Sweet Tooth and his circus buddies with there wish for winning the tournament. However, it would all change when Sweet Tooth took over Twisted Metal. Zanita has blonde hair that is short.

Now that the clown has Calypso's powers, he was freed from his watch prison and reborn as a robot who has found loyalty to Calypso. To keep you playing Twisted Metal's Story mode, Eat Sleep Play has added Medals for doing well in each event. Sweet Tooth's Carnival of Carnage is a very unique ending to the story. Directed by Jonathan Beard. Appearance. So far she has only appeared in Twisted Metal 4.

Atop the store building is a very humongous, flaming, and demonic clown head (that too resembles Sweet Tooth). Sure, there was Vigilante 8 , but we’re a Twisted Metal household here at KnowTechie .
She is seen in blue top with a white bra underneath. Example of: Two-Faced In-Game Bio: Type Of Car: Daddy's Revenge 209 Driver Deameanor: Twisted A young Sweet Tooth finds himself amazed by the Twisted Metal contest and runs off in its pursuit. Twisted Metal 4 is a car combat game developed by 989 Studios for the PlayStation, and is the fourth game in the Twisted Metal franchise.. In 1995, Twisted Metal took the core concept of the demolition derby and merged it with the game design of Mario Kart. Twisted Metal 4. There are six events in each of the three chapters in … Zanita Corbett is a woman who loves to ruin people's day. The industry legend also touched upon the possibility of a remaster. She is also seen in a blue skirt, she also has a blue hat on.

Marcus "Needles" Kane (also known as Sweet Tooth) is a psychotic clown who drives a modified ice cream truck and the protagonist villain and mascot from Twisted Metal. Zanita is a character in Twisted Metal 4. Overview.

Orbital feels bad being the only human with only half a face, so he asks Sweet Tooth to no longer have him be the outcast. Plot.