Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled.

According to Rogers, who claims to have suggested the poem, it was to have been inscribed to him. Below, we’ve rounded up 50 of the very best and most moving lines of poetry ever written – the ones that, once read, will stay with you for days, months and even years to come.

What are synonyms for line of verse? Some are created with a number of words or syllables in mind. Find descriptive alternatives for verse. The Rules of a Diamante.

Synonyms: minstrelsy, poesy, song… Antonyms: prose, inarticulateness… Find the right word. Elegy literature music a set of poems, songs, or pieces of music on a particular subject. The second and sixth lines have two words. A poem in which the first letter of each line spells out a word, name, or phrase when read vertically.

cycle noun. Duh. passive active e-mail email electronic mail. Poetry: writing that uses rhythm, vivid language, and often rhyme to provoke an emotional response. The British humourist and journalist Miles Kington wrote the bizarre two-line poem "A Scottish Lowlands Holiday Ends in Enjoyable Inactivity" in 1988—and then promptly forgot all about it. A poem that laments the death of a person, or one that is simply sad and thoughtful. Antonyms. Antonyms for line of verse. The shorter final stanza of a poem, as in a ballade. Synonyms for line of verse in Free Thesaurus. Words: Line 1- 1 word. But under her eyes were lines that Sidney had never seen there before. Line 3- 3 words. Line 5- 1 word. The two lines are clearly Shakespeare's criticism of himself. As might be anticipated, the poem is in the heroic measure of Pope. The first and last lines have just one word. (ˈlaɪn) A formation of people or things one behind another. a type of poetry that has a regular pattern of sounds but does not have lines that rhyme. Also known as a “diamond poem” because of its shape, there are two different types of diamantes; synonym diamantes and antonym diamantes. A cinquain is a 5 line poem that follows a specific format. Envoy

Find descriptive alternatives for poetry. ditty noun. Synonyms for verse at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Synonyms. Line 4- 4 words. 1 synonym for line of verse: line of poetry. The poem is in four cantos, the first of which is the best, and the most characteristic of the author. See Lewis Carroll’s “A Boat beneath a Sunny Sky.” Alcaic A four-line stanza invented by the Classical Greek poet Alcaeus that employs a specific syllabic count per line and a predominantly dactylic meter.

When Shakespeare died he left some lines to be placed over his tomb. Etymology. Cross-Canada action for progressive social change.