Lone yote vs pitbull = pitbull winner. Most definetly! Here’s what is a stake for the coyote when a German Shepherd Dog gets interested in a coyote. Pack of yotes vs pitbull = yote winner. But a coyote killing a pit bull is not too far-fetched. Not only would a Pit Bull beat up a coyote, but also kill it. My Lab was basically baited into the hill behind my house. I'd for sure bet on the coyote. Ah, a fight that would probably never occur. … Here’s team Mom and Dad coyote. Pit bull. Just like pitbulls, a coyote pitbull mix is strong, agile and energetic. I heard a coyote was roaming around not too far from Springfield, Illinois. Report. If something happens to one coyote, the rest of the pack will … The first was a 60 lb Labrador Retriever in San Diego, CA. BEST COYOTE KILLER BREEDS - SUGGESTIONS! Yeah, its a …

That’s Mom at the left of the frame. Do you believe this?

The Coyotes are almost always in small groups of three to four and therefore the outcome with a single domestic dog would always be Coyotes 1, Dog 0. Follow. These three animals, namely Coyote, Pitbull and Wolf are three powerful animals of different kinds. Remember.. coyotes can get as large or larger than german shepards, pit bulls ain't that big. They live in a pack for that reason. I am like you in that I admire the pitbulls temperament but please don't let your love of the breed cloud your judgement and please don't try and put your pitbull up against a wolf or even a coyote.

Being carried off by a coyote coyote vs rottweiler goldenacresdogs can a rottweiler kill coyote dogs who would win in a fight dog or great pyrenees puppy vs rottweiler being carried off by a coyote off leash dog hares coyotes you. Coyote Vs Rottweiler. The coyote wound up killing the pit bull!

Males neutered or unneutered don't fare so well Besides that, the hybrid also tends to be shy and aggressive at times when the wild instinct kicks in. 2011-05-10 09:30:35 2011-05-10 09:30:35 . Because imagine 40 pounds (coyote) vs 70 pounds (pit bull.) A coyote, while wild, has not been as selectively engineered as pitbulls. The behavioral traits are borrowed from both ancestors as they are highly intelligent dogs. 0:32. Michaelmiller.

Sure, but: I have seen several Coyote/Domestic dog encounters. Because imagine 40 pounds (coyote) vs 70 pounds (pit bull.)

A man saw one on his property, and then sent his pet pit bull after it. The comments are stupid but if u take the article for face value, the coyote got what it deserved, curred out and ran. Most definetly! We lived in the hills, lots of open space. Especially since it is a WILD animal that knows how to KILL! But that goes to show that when push comes to shove genetics and instincts give in and this "pit bull" did what 150+ years of breeding told it to do. 0:32 . Big mistake!

Pit bull protects Monroe County family from coyote attack A Monroe County woman says a coyote tried to attack her children on Thursday morning while they were waiting for the school bus. 0:34.

Here’s Dad charging my dog and me. Not only would a Pit Bull beat up a coyote, but also kill it. Wiki User. It is not uncommon for coyotes here to run in packs of 5-20.. and with those numbers they are very confident. Will a Coyote ATTACK Coyote Behavior and Arizona Coyote. Top Answer. 0:32. Bwz87444. So they would not pick on a large domesticated dog. Big. Playing next. Irritable, look at her ear, end stage otitis I believe. pit bull vs coyote got into a disagreement with my dad the other night after taking the dog for a walk and seeing a coyote with a dead rabbit walking across the street he thinks a pit bull would kill a coyote if they got into it. Posted by fisherbm1112 on 5/16/12 at 12:09 pm to markasaurus A lot of that would depend on the size of each dog, and whether they were trained to fight. ANIMAL CHANNEL. The Pitbull is a type (breed) of dog which is considered a domestic animal and is kept in many houses … I'd give a fighting pitbull about a 50 50 chance against a coyote.

In our area we get a lot of coy-dogs - unspayed females being lured into the pack and bred producing these nasty half-breeds. Although Coyote and Wolf fall under the same family there are a number of differences in certain aspects.

Pitbull pups discover a coyote pup. Pitbull Vs Coyote. Coyote Attacks Pitbull. I'm sure the outcome could go either way. Wjy75231.