For the list of regular Persona 3 bosses, see List of Persona 3 Bosses. (C)Atlus Original Pic: I only color this image all credit for DRAW this image is for Segami Daisuke thanks a lot for this picture 6/27 - If you accepted Request #97, make sure you talk to Fuuka tonight, ir order to get the item necessary for completion. If you liked social, the persona compendium, and social link bonuses on your personas then you'd have to think about it. Search this site. The game Persona 3 FES for PS2 is split in two parts: The Journey and The Answer. Nozomi "Gourmet King" (Moon) This social link requires LV.2 charm and you need to answer questions in this order Pheromone Coffee > Green > Hagakure Bowl, then give him an Odd Morsel from your inventory in order to be started. Initial Metis (Psyche) - This is the first battle of the game, scripted so that it cannot The protagonist discovers that he can summon multiple Personas into battle. The Answer is probably what most people who have beat Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 are looking forward to: a few more hours of new game material. (Author Quiz_Raider) This is essentially a continuation of Persona 3 and comes after The Journey in terms of the story line. Ill ask you questions about The Answer. Persona 3: After the Answer. Disclaimer: I don't own Persona 3 or any of its characters (If I did I would pat myself on the back for a job well done.) The Question About Persona 3’s The Answer — A P3 Consumer Guide Suriel Vazquez @SurielVazquez July 12, 2010 8:11 PM This post has not been edited by the GamesBeat staff. Start The Answer and you will be warned that the gameplay is harder in FES Answer than Persona 3 FES Journey, and that you should play The Journey before The Answer.. Watch a scene and the game begins on 3 / 31 Wednesday, with Yukari calling Fuuka.The group sans Akihiko and Yukari meet up at the dorm for one last night of Sushi.But they are attacked by a strange presence, … As for the OCs, any similarities to people living or dead are purely coincidental. He's located at Paulownia Mall, Monday-Saturday. For Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES on the PlayStation 2, Answer Walkthrough by Aira.

Author's note . This is my first fanfic so please be patient with this noob. Fortune Strength Hanged Man Death Temperance Devil Tower Star Got a Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? July 7 ----- It's time for the next operation.

Fes's pluses: More story bits(The ratio of story to dungeon is 10x higher in favor of dungeons than the Journey, though), get to see the cast one more time, some good OSTs, a … The answer is "The 2,000 Yen Bill". If you couldn't guess from the two different names, The Journey is essentially the whole game, the story. Persona 3 FES The Journey Full Moon Magician The first full moon Dark Hour. Shin Megami Tensei- Persona 3 FES The journey/ The answer.