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Mystical Forest (DKC2) by protazoa007. dataDyne Research - Investigation. 150 out of 275 needed for leaderboard.

ParagonX9's player profile on The Elite's Rankings. Dark Caverns by ParagonX9. PLAY . 122 out of 265 needed for leaderboard . This Is A Trance Remix Of 'Sonic3 - Bossbattle' ...This Song Is Also In 'Sonic & Knuckles Loop 74,485 Views. Sonic 3 - Bossbattle (RMX) by ParagonX9.

The Elite community plays GoldenEye and Perfect Dark for record times. PLAY.

Song Video Game protazoa007 PLAY. PLAY. Song Video Game ParagonX9 PLAY. ^_^x ! Listing of all ParagonX9's known personal records for Perfect Dark. MK64 - Rainbow Destructor by ParagonX9. Danger Ahead by ParagonX9. Perfect Dark - ExtractionXx by ParagonX9. Perfect Dark Champions - Points Total Days Ranked #1.

ParagonX9's Perfect Dark leaderboard progress dataDyne Central - Defection.

A Relaxed DNB Loop - Sounds A Bit Like A James Bond Music... Loop 38,317 Views. 143 out of 270 needed for leaderboard. View information about ParagonX9's time of 0:09 on Duel Perfect Agent. My first collab, with KFNX,,, Be sure to check his audio page too! Carrington Villa - Hostage One. ParagonX9 vs KFNX - The Legend by ParagonX9.
PLAY. Latest Favorite Movies More. Song 379,861 Views. SMW:Castle Arranged by Bowsinator92. dataDyne Central - Extraction. I used some Japanese instruments in this and gave it a nice Chaoz style!
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I Think this Song Will Be Perfect For A Bossbattle or Something Like That... Loop 78,004 … Song Video Game Bowsinator92 PLAY. Comedy - …

by ParagonX9. Chicago - Stealth. Song Video Game ParagonX9 PLAY. 107 out of 269 needed for leaderboard. Song 64,398 Views. Dare to ask if I have any Wii's in stock?