The cur is a dog that stands around 18-26 inches and weighs anywhere from30 to 60 pounds depending on age, diet and gender.

Originally bred for hunting purposes, they are a great match for an active person that enjoys being outdoors. See more ideas about Mountain cur dog, Dogs, Puppies.

The Mountain Cur is a medium to large mixed breed with a truly fascinating background.

The Mountain Cur Pitbull Mix is one of the rarest breeds that is getting popular among designer breeders. The Mountain Cur gained some fame when the book “Old Yeller” was published. Note that this can be a Mountain Cur Pit mix or Black Mouth Cur mix. The Mountain Cur is a type of working dog that is bred specifically for treeing and trailing small game, like squirrel and raccoons.They are also used for hunting and baying big game like bear and wild boar as well as being an all-purpose farm dog. It’s a wonderful guard dog as it will not allow anyone or anything to come close without its permission. If you're about to look up Mountain Cur puppies, check out our article first to see if you're ready!

This cross breed is also known as a “Pitbull Cur.” According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), there are 190 distinct and recognized dog breeds .

The Black Mouth Cur Pitbull mix is the result of a Black Mouth Cur cross Pitbull. Funny Meme Pictures Funny Quotes Funny Memes That's Hilarious Random Pictures Meme Pics Lol Haha Funny Funny Stuff. Curs are a member of the Hound group, and the Mountain Cur is one of several varieties of cur.It can also be used as a water dog. The Mountain Cur is a very active working dog that needs a lot of daily exercise. If you're about to look up Mountain Cur puppies, check out our article first to see if you're ready! This rare dog’s population is on the rise for the first time since the 1930s. So, it's difficult enough to predict how a mix will look when you know exactly which breeds are going into the mix, but you don't even know. While out on the walk the dog must be made to heel beside or behind the person holding the lead, as in a dog's mind the leader leads the way, and that leader needs to be the human. See more ideas about Black mouth cur, Black mouth cur dog, Mastiff mix.

Also known as the Mountain Kurr, this is a particularly rare dog, potentially being one of the rarest dog breeds.. American Pit Bull Terrier-Mountain Cur Mix Dog for Adoption near Oklahoma, Pryor, USA.

They came into existence when the breeders sought to create a dog that was both powerful and people-friendly. The Mountain Cur is not easily threatened, but it will stand up to another animal that is in its way or attempting to show its dominance. Lately I've been wondering if she is a pit bull mixed with something else. When not hunting, it needs to be taken on a daily, long, brisk walk or jog.
People also love these ideas. This is a very unique combination of dog, breeding the much smaller Cur with the Pit. In this article, meet some distinctive and unique Black Mouth Cur mix dogs! The early Mountain Curs were able to quickly adjust to pioneer life and even Native Americans were known to own this breed along with their own version of Cur known as the Indian Cur. A Mountain Cur isn’t a dog you encounter every day. Read on to find out 5 facts about Black Mouth Cur and see if this breed group could be the one for you. Feb 20, 2017 - Explore cgsatin's board "Mountain Cur photos" on Pinterest.