However, you should never capture a wild snake and keep it as a pet. The yellowbelly sea snake has among the most deadly bites of any snake in North America, but because it rarely leaves the water, there have been no reported human deaths from its bite. Each snake produces a venom that leads to a range of adverse effects, but what is America’s most venomous snake species? This is because gopher snakes caught in the wild often have temperament and health problems. They’re among the most common snake species in America. 10 Most Common Snakes in America 20 most deadliest snakes in the world American snakes list boa constrictor common snake species common kingsnake species common rattlesnake species common … Gopher snakes are heavy-bodied, measuring around a foot in length when they hatch. The good news is that snake bites are pretty rare in the United States with estimates between 1,000 to 2,000 cases each year and fatalities from those bites averaging less than a handful. In terms of venom potency, the coral snake has the most deadly venom, but you’re unlikely to ever get bitten by one due to their short fangs. At any one time, a coral snake can hold enough venom to kill five people, yet in most defensive bites it only injects a minuscule amount. Of frequent snakes of Bothrops genus, fer-de-lance that ranks 3rd in our list of most common snakes in America is probably the most common snake in South America. Northern water snake ranks 8th in our list of most common snakes in America. Go to a trusted dealer instead and buy a captive-bred snake.