New Species Endangered by Climate Change ... Magellanic penguin.

Creature Profile Penguins Endangered. An estimate tells us that more than 20,000 of magellanic penguins have been killed. Diet: Cuttlefish, squid, krill, other crustaceans.. The Magellanic Penguin (Spheniscus magellanicus) is a species of concern belonging in the species group "birds" and found in the following area(s): Antarctica, Australia, South America.

Location: South America.. Conservation status: Near Threatened.. With the help of over 7,000 of the world’s best wildlife filmmakers and photographers, conservationists and scientists, featured multi-media fact-files for more than 16,000 endangered species.

Weight: 2.5 to 6.5kg..
Wildscreen's Arkive project was launched in 2003 and grew to become the world's biggest encyclopaedia of life on Earth. Threats to Magellanic Penguins.

They live almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere, with only one species, the Galápagos penguin, found north of the equator.Highly adapted for life in the water, penguins have countershaded dark and white plumage and flippers for swimming. Penguins (order Sphenisciformes, family Spheniscidae) are a group of aquatic birds. Appearance: Black on backs, outside of flippers, and caps.White bellies, insides of flippers, and a white band that runs from the eyebrow area down to under the face. Other populations have declined as a result of pollution from oily ballast water released by tankers.

You might like to read these interesting Magellanic penguin facts for kids to know all about Magellanic penguins.The Magellanic penguin (Spheniscus magellanicus) is the closest relative of Humboldt, Galapagos, and the African penguin.The bird is named after the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan who was the first person to recognize the penguin as early as in 1520.

As long as visiting the areas where they live is carefully and cautiously, the disturbance decreases.

Penguins are a family of 17 to 19 species of birds that live primarily in the Southern Hemisphere.
by Penguins-World | Danger in the sea and on land. Identification: It is the only Spheniscus penguin found over most of its range, but overlaps the distribution of Humboldt Penguins around Puerto Montt, Chile.

They include the tiny blue penguins of Australia and New Zealand, the majestic emperor penguins of Antarctica and king penguins found on many sub- Antarctic islands, the endangered African penguin and the Galápagos penguin—the only penguin to be found north of the equator. Magellanic penguin populations declined in the Falkland Islands when food became scarce due to commercial fishing of squid and fish. Magellanic penguin facts about its threat suggest that they are mainly threatened by humans spilling oil into water since they live on the coastal lines. However, a study of Magellanic penguins suggests that they become insensitive to the presence of humans.

An estimated 40,000 Magellanic penguins are killed annually by oil pollution in Argentina.

Humboldt Penguins lack the second dark breast band found in Magellanic Penguin and have more extensive areas of bare facial skin. Name: Magellanic Penguin (Spheniscus magellanicus). The origin of the word "penguin" has been a subject of debate. Fish and Wildlife Service. An unpaired, adult Magellanic penguin makes a braying sound, like a donkey, when looking for a mate. The Aquarium of the Pacific has several animal species for which AZA has established SSPs including Guam Micronesian Kingfishers that are extinct in the wild, Magellanic Penguins listed internationally as near threatened, and southern sea otters listed internationally as endangered and as threatened by the U.S.

Height: 60 to 75 cm.