”Everyone has the same pattern with different meanings, but there are some similarities. Muted Styles These are the kinds of tattoos that you can stare at for a long time and just enjoy looking at it. This fragmenting is a representation of knowing and a way of understanding. We welcome clients from all over the world to our sanctuary, a warm and friendly environment, that is … These repetitious patterns are meant to bring about some aspect of symmetry and balance which in the contemporary world are considered as the keys to contentment and happiness. But it has become the craziest thing among youth because of it’s simplicity, stylishness and elegance. Since I got a tattoo, I was always asked by people around me. Image 16507712. Although, wearing a Geometric tattoo is a bit more risky to the body and requires an extraordinary technical skills from tattoo artists to ink a Geometric tattoo. ... See volume 2 here (This product is part of a Mega Bundle on sale This product is part of a bundle, Geometric Patterns Geometric Tattoo Pattern Geometric Designs Textures Patterns Geometric Shapes Pattern Tattoos Hexagon Tattoo Geometric … The colors really make the tattoo stand out in a great way. Mandala geometric art – mandalas have become a highly popular element in contemporary tattoo art, at least partly due to their aesthetic value – when done well, mandala tattoos look impressive. 10. The colors are insanely beautiful, but there is always something intriguing about looking at a geometric tattoo. Let’s have a look at 50 different ways geometric patterns have been used in designs and how you can do just the same. Geometric Tattoo Meaning. A Private Studio in the Santa Monica Mountains specializing in World Class Geometric, Blackwork & Dotwork Tattoo Art Making beautiful custom tattoos is what we do. 01. Geometric Patterns - vol1. Geometric Designs. Another important feature of geometric tattoos for men is the use of mysterious repetitious patterns that represent consistency, precision and balance. There are the calligraphy tattoos, the geometric designs, the floral patterns, the abstract designs, and many other types. “Deer” is the symbol of status and … Geometric patterns when used correctly can be highly flexible, visually effective and in some cases, very functional. Aug 25, 2013 - Seamless Pattern Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. See more ideas about Geometric art, Op art and Illusion art. Tattoo designs which were popular forms of body art in ancient times are gaining popularity today. Geometric tattoo designs render a picture, often animals or portraits, into its simplest shapes, so that any complex design becomes simple and more easily understood. Today, let’s take a look at the meaning of those tattoo patterns.