Don’t say: He finished to clean the kitchen. The forward pass will identify the early start and finish times. Planning the finish.

• Finish belongs to a group of verbs where the same noun can be the subject of the verb or its object.

Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: " The race had an exciting finish.

A finish statement is part of a texture specification.
(close, dramatic, tight) " That was the perfect finish to the trip. Care should be taken to ensure that edges of furniture are rounded so they can be adequately coated and are able to resist wear and cracking. For example, we may have a surface finish requirement on a casting that ensures the finish (think of it as the deviations of the surface of the casting from an ideal) is good enough that the allowance made for extra material that will be machined off in a future step is sufficent. finish meaning: 1. to complete something or come to the end of an activity: 2. to end: 3. to eat, drink, or use…. Project Time Management: CPM Examples Certified Associate in Project Management Page 1 To determine the project critical path, it is necessary to perform a forward pass and a backward pass through the network. • … It is always easier to arrange all tasks in terms of a finish-to-start relationship and an 'as soon as possible' constraint.

GRAMMAR: Patterns with finish • Finish is followed by an -ing form, not an infinitive. Learn more. finish definition: The definition of a finish is a desired effect on a surface.

Planning for finishing begins with the design of furniture. This dependency type is the easiest relationship for others to understand and will usually result in a longer than normal schedule.

However it can be tedious to use a texture statement just to add a highlights or other lighting properties to an object.

(smooth, fine, decorative, textured, natural, painted) The backward pass will identify the late start and finish times.

(perfect) " He gave the table a smooth finish.

You say: He finished cleaning the kitchen. Therefore you may attach a finish directly to an object without explicitly specifying it as part of a texture. Finishing of wood requires careful planning to ensure that the finished piece looks attractive, performs well in service and meets safety and environmental requirements.

(exciting, excellent, great, good, disappointing) " It came down to a close finish. For example instead of this: In our example, only finish-to-start relationships were used.