Ducktales Familytree (ver.2) A McDuck-Duck familytree inspired by the The Don Rosa Duck Tree. The story is that this is a tree Webby has put together when she researched the McDuck family in the Ducktales 2017 reboot. According to the tree, Gladstone Gander was born the son of Luke Goose and Daphne Duck, then later orphaned, and adopted by the spouses Goosetave Gander and Matilda McDuck. Carl Barks' legendary 1950's Duck Family Tree, made only for private use, when he was evolving Duckburg and creating a sense of community around Donald Duck.It has been published in a fanzine prior to Mark Worden's illustrated version, probably after Barks gave the original away to a fan, and then in 1990 in an article in The Carl Barks Library, set 6, page 476, together with Worden's tree. This information does not line up with known lore. Donald Duck Family Tree, later reprinted as The Duck Family Tree, and best-known as Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree, is Don Rosa's most notorious version of the Duck Family Tree, done in the form of a large illustration. The Duck Family Tree, more widely known as Mark Worden's Duck Family Tree, is a version of the duck family tree created by Mark Worden.