Among the fine British rifle makers, the name of Purdey ranks high, and with good reason: A Purdey... 3.
That said, if you can afford to hunt dangerous game, you can probably afford a reliable and (very) nice hard-hitting rifle. Having pursued handgun hunting for 5 decades in many parts of the world, I have developed my own list of favorite cartridges. It shoots flat out to 300 yards, which makes it a point and shoot rifle caliber for the vast majority of shots on big game. It is a cartridge that can use bullets up to 350 grains, and the recoil of the.375 H&H is mild enough that just about anyone can shoot it with a bit of practice. It only must work and deliver a hard enough hit to get the job done. Though on the light end of the dangerous game spectrum, the .375 H&H is nonetheless a favorite. This gun is designed specifically to bring down thick skinned big game in Africa, and it produces even more recoil and kick than the .375 H&H. It comes in a number of different calibers, with the lowest being.300 Weatherby Magnum and the largest being.460 Weatherby Magnum. Luckhurst concludes that the .404 Jeffery, with better penetration and less recoil than the .458, a trajectory almost as flat as the .375 H&H, and overall performance similar or equal to the .416 Rigby, is a particularly well-balanced rifle for the largest and most dangerous game. List Price: Start at 14,800.00€ & 13,500.00€ for PH Version .
I was a sucker for the Remington catalog, spending my time investigating the different model numbers and available calibers, slowly piecing the puzzle together regarding the various available calibers and their applications. The Purdey Double That said, if you can afford to hunt dangerous game, you can probably afford a reliable and (very) nice hard-hitting rifle.

Standard calibers, including standbys such as the.308 Winchester,.30-06, 8x57,.358 Winchester and.444 Marlin have proven deadly on this class of game. Yes I'm an elitist. Three Best Dangerous Game Calibers to Stake Your Life On .375 Holland & Holland. All will suffice if the rifleman places his bullet properly. I've just arrived in Alaska, heading to the Togiak Wildlife Refuge to chase interior grizzlies with my friend (and renowned bear hunter) Linda Powell. It is advised that both of the rifles be chambered for dangerous game calibers legal for the country in which you are hunting. He will have likely watched the performance of hundreds of hunters shooting various calibers under typical conditions for the area you will be hunting and will certainly be able to advise you accordingly.