Lets practice conservative angling with these fish and lets help take them out of their dire situation.

Which leader line should I use, and why? SKI BOAT ANGLING Ski-boat angling offers the angler the opportunity to catch fish such as kabeljou, steenbras, blacktail and various species of shark throughout the year, even when catches from the shore are poor.

Where necessary fluorocarbon has been used and all traces have world renowned Mustad hooks.

The White Steenbras is one of my favourite fish to target, and has been nicknamed The Steamer; because the speed of their first run is the equivalent to a steam train speeding off. Also tips, tricks, etc will definitely help to inform fellow anglers

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Re: Kob, MusselCracker, Steenbras, Galjoen trace « Reply #6 on: May 07, 2013, 03:46:10 PM » I had a chat to my Dad about this and he says he always tie his hook trace to the bottom eye and the sinker + mainline to the top eye.

In the Eastern Cape we call this fish a Pignose Grunter; because when the mouth is fully extended it resembles a snout and it is very similar to the Spotted Grunter in many of it's habits. Rock and Surf Traces and Rigs » Steenbras Rig ... « on: June 04, 2014, 02:13:10 PM » Hi Guys Looking for your opinion on a light tackle setup for Steenbras I might go scratching for Steenbras at Cape Receife on Saturday, and I am hoping for some assistance.

Next issue we’ll go over traces for Copper Steenbras, where these fish sit on the reefs and a little more info on how we can make a difference to conserving these amazing slow swimming brutes of the deep.

I personally find this specie best and most difficult to post your pics and stories here regarding this remarkable fish that grace our shores. Macky head squid teaser . SEALINE - South African Angling and Boating Community > General Angling Topics > Sealine - F.A.Q's and Articles > Bait Presentations > Catching White Steenbras Moderated by: Emperor New Topic Mackerel. This length allows plenty of movement in the water, yet it’s easily manageable when casting. The simplest trace you can make is one where you have a hook on one end and a Genie Link Clip on the other. Information and picture obtained from: www.ori.org.za Fishing The idea of tying a different type of line onto the end of your main fishing line probably sounds crazy to the beginner fisho, but it is one of fishing’s most elementary tactics and can make a significant difference to your fishing success. A carrying capacity of 50 persons per day is allowed. Rock and Surf Fishing The Southern cape coast offers some of the best rock and surf fishing in the country. By 1994-96 white steenbras comprised only 0.6% of the mass and 4% of the numbers of the total catch (Lamberth 1996). Over the years many techniques have been tried and tested and so too have many baits during saltwater angling in South Africa... At the end of the day certain baits constantly produce good catches of fish in South Africa's deep blue ocean. The tell tail signs of the Ghost crab are the mounds of sand let outside the hole the crab digs to hide from predators during the day. Tour guides in Henties Bay are excellently equipped to take groups of anglers on excursions to the best spots for shark angling.

Galjoen flourish in lively, foamy water which occurs frequently during the winter when moderate to strong westerly and south-westerly winds prevail. Common Name: Red Steenbras Other Names:- Scientific Name: Petrus Rupestris Habitat: Around reefs, depth range of 10m+ Distribution: Found from False Bay to Durban Bait: This fish is a predator and so it feeds on smaller fish, octopus also form part of the diet. Sand Mackerel.

Galjoen will then seek bits of bait in gullies and close to reefs. Seasonality, in my opinion, is very important when deciding on a bait to target certain fish species. Best of all, it seldom gets tangled around the sinker. Steenbras Nature Reserve . Bait Presentations.