I never did any accuracy testing, but the general consensus among deer hunters here was that rifled slugs shot best in smooth bores and that sabots shot best in rifled barrels. Rating - 100%. I agree that apart from sabot slug and rifled slugs meant for rifled shotgun barrels, shotshells don't belong in rifled longarms.

The Brenneke 16 is only made in 16 gauge 2½” with a projectile of 437 grains.

Well, we’re here to help so keep reading if you’re curious. Saboted slugs have lead cores with a copper jacket.

Rifled Short-Barrel. This will be the first time shotgun hunting for deer for me and appreciate any recommendations that you all have. I would love a rifled barrel but it aint gonna happen this year. Joined Jun 30, 2007 Messages 212 Likes 7 Location Westford, MA. Yes, the rifling affects the pattern. Regular soft lead rifled slugs will lead a rifled …

Most rifled barrels come with decent rifle sights that will work well out to 100 yards.

Maybe the above information off the Mossberg site will help clarify the issue. I got a Mossberg 500 with 3" chamber and a 24" fully rifled barrel.
JimFromTN Post subject: Re: What are the best 12 gauge slugs for fully rifled barrel. I have seen targets shot from long barreled pistols using CCI shotshells that have a pattern which looks like someone swiped a very large paintbrush across the target at 45 or 50 feet. TarHunt is a gun company located in Bloomsburg, PA.

What’s the difference? These slugs work in both smoothbore and rifled barrels and turn your shotgun into a potential deer gun. The rifled slugs are designed to fire through a rifled barrel. Posted February 28, 2017 in Ammunition, Daily News, Shotguns by Hrachya H with 38 Comments Tags: 20 gauge, Ammunition, rifled barrel, Schrifle, shotgun, TarHunt. What we have now with sabots is, in effect, rifle bullets the size of shotgun slugs (.72 caliber for 12 gauge and .61 for 20 gauge).
Rifled barrels are for shooting sabot slugs, such as Premier Accutip Slug.

Can I shoot slugs through a shotgun with a choke in it?

They specialize in making rifled slug guns. I am puting a 4 x 32 scope on it and hope to sight it in this weekend and appreciate your responses. Rifled barrels are for shooting sabot slugs, such as Premier Accutip Slug. The rifling imparts spin to the slug, providing more precision and stability in flight. I have seen rifled barrels become smooth bores after shooting rifled slugs.Most of the rifled slugs rifling is the opposite of the rifling in the barrels which means the lead will dig into the groves in the barrel.I have worn out brushes trying to get the lead out for people This is a huge piece of … Of course, you can always switch out barrels or even buy a new gun completely (perfect reason to tell your significant other), but it’s easier and cheaper to match the slug to what you own. However, in my opinion, the best choice for smooth bore is the Brenneke slug (b).

If you have a smooth bore, then you’ll want to go with the rifled slugs (Foster or Brenneke), and sabot slugs are going to be the best shotgun slugs for rifled barrels.