Then, next week it could range from $700 (if she can't be fixed) to $2,000 (if she has surgery and post-op complications). Charmander is a 2 year old, intact female Bearded Dragon. ECZM University of Illinois - College of Veterinary Medicine Chicago Zoological Society – Brookfield Zoo UIUC Fall Conference – September 18, 2001 Resources Clinical Anatomy and Physiology of Exotic Species B. O’Malley Reptile Medicine and Surgery, Vol. Anesthesia & Analgesia in Reptiles Jennifer N. Langan, DVM, Dipl. Lizard Impaction.

For nonelective surgery, dehydration should be corrected before anesthesia. Even the most moribund egg-bound reptile will usually benefit from stabilization for 24–48 hr before surgery is performed. There have been cases where a female lays up to 6. Tiles and Slate Tiles.

This is a lethal condition if not treated by a vet (usually surgery). 12-18 months- sub adult 4. Entry into the coelomic cavity can be made by going in near the hind leg but the restricted manoeuvrability makes it difficult to find and extract the eggs. A bearded dragon can have multiple clutches of eggs from just one mating - two is the norm, but three or four are not unheard of. If the vet can’t seem to clear the blockage via enemas or laxatives OR they simply determine the blockage is significant, then surgery will likely be your only option. Egg-binding should be suspected in birds that strain but show no progress in moving their eggs. * Ages of bearded dragons follow these guidelines: 1.

Eggs that are stuck inside of a hen can put immense pressure on the bird's spine, sometimes causing paralysis and the inability to perch. Reptiles that have not been stabilized before surgery tend to succumb intra- or postoperatively. On average, a bearded dragon is going to cost anywhere from $45 to $125.

How much does a bearded dragon cost?

The cost of one is going to depend on the size, the type, age, breeder, quality and geographical location where you adopt one. This is essential. 5 Low Maintenance, Cost Efficient Substrate for Bearded Dragons 1. The xrays are not clearly indicative of what it is. Bearded Dragon, Kwayze, Needs Surgery for Mass on One Side of Body. Put a female and male together and you'll soon be hearing the patter of lots and lots and lots of little tiny feet. Then, next week it could range from $700 (if she can't be fixed) to $2,000 (if she has surgery and post-op complications). Egg binding; Poor appetite; Lizard Bladder Stone Treatment A veterinarian will remove the stones and suggest dietary change to reduce the urate levels in the urine. 3-12 months-juvenile 3.