Quiet Temperament. Medium to large cattle with strong bones, bulls typically weigh 2200 to 2800 pounds at maturity and cows 1200 to 1600 pounds. The World Simmental Federation (WSF) was formed in Zagreb, Yugoslavia in 1974.

Blending Family, Sustainability,and SimAngus™ Apr 09, 2020 ASA Spotlight. The British Simmental Cattle Society would like to notify all members that, due to the Covid-19 situation escalating to new levels in the UK, that the 50th anniversary events planned for July and early August this year, have been postponed. Target slaughter weights don't change just because you change what the cattle eat. What is the average weight of a simmental cow? The horns are generally upturned. When feeding cattle for slaughter, the ‘finished weight’ when an animal is fat enough for slaughter will vary from breed to breed and depends on the frame size of the individual animal. Bulls are 150-160 cm tall, while the cows are 135-150 cm tall. The Simmental, one of the more docile and easy to manage breeds, is known for a long straight topline with deeply muscled back and loin. To learn more about Simmental cattle, go to www.simmental.org. Calf birth weight is the biggest genetic contributing factor causing calving difficulty in heifers. T: 051 446 0580 / 2 F: 051 446 0455 E: info@simmentaler.org Private Bag X 7002 Langenhovenpark 9330 “It looks upside down when you start putting the breeds with numbers. The breed is ideal for crossbreeding, particularly with Herefords, giving even lines of red and white cattle which can be selected to suit a range of markets. Note Simmental cattle’s weight and size. SimAngus™ Stewards. In the middle were Simmental cows at 1,404 lbs., and the lightest three breeds were Gelbvieh at 1,323 lbs., Limousin at 1,391 lbs. Early records indicate that Simmental cattle were the result of a cross between large German cattle and a smaller breed indigenous to Switzerland. The typical height of the bulls is 135-150 cm for those cows, and also all about 150-160 cm. ... British Simmental Cattle Society .

Mature Simmental cows will weigh from 1,100 to 1,500 pounds or more. Simmental cattle can be polled or horned. Simmental cattle are quite large, and notably rugged in physical composition. The breed is a descendant of the Aurochs (Bos Taurus primegenius), the indigenous cattle of Europe, and its low relationship with Zebu, Sanga and British breeds renders it the ideal breed for cross breeding due to increased hybrid vigour (heterosis). Birth Weight. None of that matters. Simmental carcases are significantly heavier and leaner than other European breeds, with little waste, and they give a higher yield of saleable meat. with the average adult weight … These are very versatile cattle and were first used for both meat and milk. Birth Weight EBVs are estimates of genetic differences between animals in calf birth weight. By Emme Troendle | Well-known for Mount Rushmore and… read article.